First Day:

Paper Title Authors Presentation Time Abstract
volumetric study of the frontal, maxillary and palatine sinus in the Ile de France sheep Majid masoudifard, Omid zehtabvar, Seyyed Hossein Modarres Tonekabony, Fatemeh pariz, Mohsen tohidifar Wednesday 17th August 2022 11:45 – 12:03 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Assessment of contrast to noise ratio of folic acid targeted gold nanoparticles versus gold nanoparticles in cancer cells by CT Sara Khademi, Hosein Azimian, Hossein Ghadiri Wednesday 17th August 2022 12:03 – 12:21 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Determination of seizure zone in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy using Perfusion MRI (Arterial Spin Labeling) Vahid Hossein-Zadeh Wednesday 17th August 2022 12:21 – 12:39 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Ex-vivo Imaging of GFP-labeled human placenta Mesenchymal stem cell for Characterization and Validation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Xenograft tumor as a Suitable Liver Cancer Model for Preclinical Studies Saieh Hajighasemlou, Javad Verdi, Jafar Ai, Samad Muhammadnejad, Faezeh Hosseinzadeh Wednesday 17th August 2022 12:39 – 12:57 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Segmentation of CT images of the liver with radiology based on the water-based algorithm Mohsen Aghataheri khozani, Fataneh Taghizadeh-Farahmand Wednesday 17th August 2022 12:57 – 13:15 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Evaluation of ultrasound images of glioblastoma tumor with conventional MR images in rat animal model Akram Shahidani, Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji, Zeinab Shankayi, Mahmoud Najafi Wednesday 17th August 2022 15:30– 15:48 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
A review of the study of the anatomy of the respiratory system of turtles using CT-Scan Omid Zehtabvar, Ali Reza Vajhi, Somaye Davudypoor, Sara Faramarzi Wednesday 17th August 2022 15:48 – 16:06 (Tehran Time) View Abstract

Second Day:

Paper Title Authors Presentation Time Abstract
High-resolution ultrasound imaging for non-invasive characterization of acute wound healing in a radiation-induced skin damage guinea pig model Zeinab Hormozi-Moghaddam, Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji1, Mohammad Ali Nilforoshzade, Mohsen Bakhshande Thursday 18th August 2022 11:15 – 11:33 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Anatomy of mandible and hyoid apparatus in Iranian native sheep (Afshari) using Computed Tomography Omid Zehtabvar, Ali RezaVajhi, Seyyed Hossein Modarres Tonekabony, Parham Soufizadeh, Mohammad hossein Norozzadegan Thursday 18th August 2022 11:33 – 11:51 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Efficient Algorithm for Distinction Mild Cognitive Impairment from Alzheimer’s disease Based on Specific View FCM White Matter Segmentation and Ensemble Learning Soheil Ahmadzadeh Irandoost, Faeze Sadat Mirafzali Saryazdi Thursday 18th August 2022 11:51 – 12:09 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
The parameters of Gold Nanoparticles play an important role as CT imaging contrast media Sara Khademi, Hosein Azimian, Hossein Ghadiri Thursday 18th August 2022 12:09 – 12:27 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Super-critical bone defect healing acceleration by a growth factor-releasing allo-hybrid graft SeyedJamal Hosseini, Houman Parsaei, Reza Ahadi, Enam Alhagh CharkhatGorgich Thursday 18th August 2022 12:27 – 12:45 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Update on diagnosis in muscles loss and bone loss with aging - recent advances with radiomics Maryam Elikaei Moghadam, Vahid Hossein-Zadeh Thursday 18th August 2022 15:30 – 15:47 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
Quantitative evaluation of SPECT/CT image based on SUV of Y-90 activity distribution in liver Mosayeb Dehghani, Reza Faghihi Thursday 18th August 2022 15:47 – 16:02 (Tehran Time) View Abstract
An introduction to the comparison shape of some cranial structures in _Boleophthalmus_ _dussumieri_ and _Periophthalmus waltoni_ (Teleostei: Oxudercidae) in the Persian Gulf: an exploratory analysis with micro-CT scanning Fahimeh Saberi, Ahmad Gharzi, Ashraf Jazayeri Vahid Akmali, Khosro Chehri Thursday 18th August 2022 16:02 – 16:15 (Tehran Time) View Abstract