Price: 900,000 Tomans
The remaining capacity: 1
Time: 14th June 2023
Place: No. 4, Near to Qods Ave, Italia St., Vesal Ave., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran, Iran

TUMS Preclinical Core Facility holds:

Theoretical & practical training workshop "Principles of care & use of laboratory animals"


Date of theory & practical course: 14th June 2023

The exact time of the workshop will be announced later in coordination with the participants.


 With valid certificate of the course

"Permitted by the National Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Health"


The topics & program of the theoretical & practical session of the workshop:

Online theory session: 4 hours

    Ethics in working with laboratory animals
    Safety in working with laboratory animals
   the biological characteristics of common laboratory animals
    Principles of maintenance of laboratory animals
    Transportation of laboratory animals
    Prescribing materials & sampling
    Diagnosis of pain & suffering in animals
    Anesthesia & analgesia of laboratory animals
    Merciful killing (euthanasia) of laboratory animals


Practical session: 7 hours {9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.}

    Little mouse behavior
    Training with mice for use in research
    Holding & moving the mouse
    Bind the mouse
    Subcutaneous injection of mice
    Intraperitoneal injection of mice
    Mouse blood sampling
    Rat behaviorism
    Rat training for use in research
    Grabbing & moving the rat
    Bind the rat
    Intramuscular injection
    Subcutaneous injection of rat
    Rat intraperitoneal injection
    Rat blood draw
    Gavage Rat