About Us

Comprehensive pre-clinical laboratory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences with the presence of Dr. Sorna Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, secretary of the department for the development of cognitive science and technology and Dr. Ali Jafarian, Head of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, On Sunday, July 9, 1396, it was opened and launched. The Latin lab is equipped with high tech equipment that all of which are designed and built by knowledge-based companies. The significance of this lab is that the field of institutionalization of pre-clinical experiments and the culture of basic research-based imaging physics is provided, while the laboratory's services are at the service of respected researchers at the lowest cost. The kit is connected to the whole country's laboratory network so researchers can use the lab's services at the lowest cost .

The equipment and facilities needed for this collection were built by the knowledge-based companies of universities and supported by the Vice President of Technology of the President. The lab was launched at a cost of about 3.5 billion tomans, which is about one-third the price that would have to be invested if used from other similar devices .

The pre-clinical laboratory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences has the following sections:


  1.  Micro-PET imaging section
  2. Micro-SPECT imaging section
  3. The optical imaging section includes two FMT and FluoVision devices
  4. Chemistry lab
  5. Radiochemistry lab
  6. Small Animal Surgery Department
  7. Post, storage and processing of pre-clinical images Department
  8. Animal keeping site
  9. The imaging section (Micro-CT) -----coming soon
  10. Micro-Ultrasound imaging section ----- coming Soon