Micro-CT Imaging Lab

This device can non-invasively display a true 3D image of the internal structure of the body or animals with micron scale details

LOTUS-inVivo Specifications

• Imaging mode: Micro-Radiology and Micro-Fluoroscopy

• Micro Focus X-ray tube

• Focal Spot Size: Less than 5μm

• 8W power

• High Resolution X-Ray Detector

• resolution: <35μm

• Maximum diameter of the scanned object: 80mm

• Maximum length of scanned object: 200mm

• Reconstruction Filters: 16 levels, Ultra-Smooth to Ultra-Sharp

• Magnification: 1.3 to 4


Micro-CT Imaging Applications

  • Osseous structures
  • Vascular structures
  • Cardiothoracic imaging
  • Imaging of abdominal organs
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Cerebral structures
  • Dental Research

Analysis of root canal morphology

 Evaluation of root canal preparation

Tissue engineering

 Mineral concentrations of teeth

 Implant and peri-implant bone



Micro-CT images:

Human Teeth Root Canal

Human Dental void Fraction